What are points?

On MRT :: My Reward Today, points equate to REAL money. Once you have enough points, you can swap them for a voucher.

To be able to offer our users FREE gift vouchers to use at online stores such as Amazon and ASOS, you need to earn points. Earning these points are FREE, and you just need to complete a few surveys to get enough points to claim a free voucher. You can also earn points by signing up to some trial offers, but we recommend you stick to the free surveys for now.

How much is a point worth?

10 points = $1.00/£0.50
50 points = $5.00/£2.50
100 points = $10.00/£5.00
200 points = $20.00/£10.00

You need 200 points before you can redeem them for gift vouchers.